Vote Early: Bank Your Vote, Protect Your Vote

To beat Joe Biden and the Democrats in 2024, we must ensure that Republicans bank as many votes as possible before Election Day. Because of the efforts to Protect Your Vote in 2022, grassroots Republicans like you should feel comfortable Banking Your Vote in 2024.

The Bank Your Vote initiative encourages GOP voters (like YOU!) to get your vote in and make absolutely sure that your voice is heard in the critical 2024 elections.

In all 56 states and territories, your Republican Party will be working hard to get our voters to vote by mail or early in-person, and ballot harvest where permitted. We can’t do it without you though–so share this site with family and friends to make sure they bank their vote, too!


By Banking Your Vote today you’re committing to ending Joe Biden’s radical Presidency and ensuring a Trump WIN this November! We’ll send you important voting updates about the best way to vote early in your state.

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